The family of Elijah A. Smith

Photos and information courtesy of  Teresa Ortega


Name: Elijah A Smith
Service Info.: Lieut A 2nd N C Infty
Death Date: 14 Nov 1910
Cemetery: Arlington National Cemetery
Cemetery Address: C/O Director Arlington, VA 22111-0000
Buried At: Section So Ws Site 2308

Elijah and Eliza were the parents of Elijah A. Smith.  Montfort Point Federal Cemetery.

A. E. (Ammi) Smith is the son of Elijah A. Smith and is buried beside his father at Arlington.

Groom: Elijah A Smith
Bride: Nancy C Willis
Bond_Date: 11 Jul 1864
Bond #: 000013161
Marriage Date: 11 Jul 1864
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
County: Carteret
Record #: 02 140
Bondsman: Gaston Price
Witness: Jas Rumley
Performed By: James L Warren, Minister of the Gospel

Nancy is buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, New Bern, NC

The brothers of Elijah A. Smith and their wives.  Montfort Point Federal Cemetery.

1850 Census, Swansboro, North Carolina

1860 Census, Swansboro District, Onslow County, North Carolina

Military experience

1870 Census, Smyona Township, Carteret County,  North Carolina

1880 Census, Swansboro Township, Onslow County, North Carolina

 1890 Special Census

1900 Census, 8th Township, Craven County, North Carolina

1910 Census, District of Columbia

ELIJAH & ELIZA SMITH OF Onslow County NC and their Descendants

Elijah SMITH was born 15 July 1797 in NC (?) and died 6 August 1866 in Onslow County NC. His wife Eliza (last name unknown)? was born 10 March 1807 in NC (?) and died 15 February 1867 in Onslow County, NC.  They were originally buried in the Winberry Cemetery located near the back gate of the base. Their graves along with many, many others were moved when the land was claimed by the Government for the base at Camp Lejeune. I have obtained documentation of their 1st graves & their placement. They were buried beside each other in the Winberry Cemetery, but are not at the Montford Point Cemetery. It was reported that if family were present at the removal/burial they would be buried as they were instructed. Apparently for this reason they are buried several rows apart and at least two or three graves from each other.

Their Children Were:
I.   David W. SMITH  married on 21 May 1855 Mary WELLS b – 20 December 1827 and died 05 October
1918. They They had one son:
A. Edward Silas SMITH who married Fannie V. POLLARD and then Rena Winberry GILLETTE.Check this info!  (WHOSE CHILDREN!)
1. Loma C. SMITH
2. Josie B. SMITH
3. Edward Benjamin “E.B.” SMITH
4. Adolph SMITH
5. Roy SMITH
6. Fred Gargett SMITH
7. Raymon SMITH

II.  Harriett SMITH who married George KELLUM – their children were:
A. George KELLUM
B. Elijah KELLUM married Sarah WINBERRY and their children:
1. Claude KELLUM
2. Laura KELLUM

III. Purnal (Purnell) SMITH (b-27 Jan. 1834, D-28 May1 1899)
1st- Rachel Calden SMITH on 31 October 1866 (presumably his cousin, they had no children)
2nd -21 March 1882 Nancy Jane RIGGS HEWITT (Known by both last names her mother was a Riggs, who died during childbirth and she was raised by her Father. She was known by both and was unable to recall which she was married under when filing for Purnell’s pension after he died. Nancy’s mother was a RIGGS and she died during childbirth. Nancy was raised by the man that was suppose to be her father, Isaac HEWITT. (I have documents stating this and that Isaac & his wife were present at the birth of the children). Purnell died while visiting his sister Hariett & her husband George KELLUM . (The location of Purnell’s grave is unknown. Nancy & two of her children: Nat & Lanie are buried in Queen’s Creek Methodist Church Cemetery, Hubert, NC. I photos of tombstones). Nancy married a B.F. BARBER in Jones County, NC (they had no children and lived most of their marriage apart from each other). Purnell & Nancy had four children:
A. Nathanial SMITH married Bertha DAVIS and their children:
1. Edna SMITH married George CAMPBELL
a. Died at birth
b. Died at birth
c. Kenneth Ward CAMPBEL
2ndMarriage – ?
3rd Marriage – John Henry MARSHALL
2. Georgie SMITH
3. Lessie SMITH
B. Daniel Webster SMITH married Lillie Eleanor KELLUM on 16 December 1908 (witnesses were Alex SMITH, E.P. BULLOCK & W.F. MILLIS. Their children:
1. Willie Lester SMITH b-25 October 1909
2. William Taft SMITH b- 3 April 1911 (died about 2 yrs old)
3. Sadie “Lena” SMITH b-21 February 1913
4. Martha SMITH b- 28 January 1915
5. Benjamin Thomas SMITH b- 9 December 1916
6. George Butler SMITH b- 20 March 1919
7. Elizabeth SMITH b- 20 March 1919
8. Leda “May” SMITH  b- 11 October 1922
9. Cyrus Daniel SMITH b- 13 October 1923
10. Meridy Lee SMITH b- 14 October 1926
11. Elidge Purnell SMITH b- 7 November 1928
12. Margueritte Caroilne SMITH b- 7 May 1930 (died few minutes after birth)
13. Jack Wilson SMITH b- 7 May 1930 (died few minutes after birth)
14. Mars “David” SMITH b- 15 September 1931
15. Jimmy Lee SMITH b-10 August 1934
I will not cover all the marriages and children here – though I have them.

C.  Alexander SMITH married Lucy WILLIAMS on 13 May 1929. They had no children, though she did provide him with a step-son.
D. Lanie Lemon SMITH married Pete COSTON on 12 September 1906 at Jane BARBER’s, her mother’s, home. Witnesses were: Bry HEWITT & Nat SMITH They had one child that died soon after birth

IV.  Elijah A. SMITH married Nancy Caroline WILLIS of Carteret County on 30 January 1898. They lived in Carteret County, Onslow County and Craven County. New Bern was the last placed the lived in NC and was where Nancy died and is buried. After her death Elijah moved to Washington, DC and died & is buried Arlington National Cemetery. For some reason I was more curious about Elijah & have gathered a great deal of information about him (will share at a later date). Their children were:
A.  Rena “Irene” SMITH  (Buried in Arlington, have image of tombstone)
B. Clara L. SMITH
C. Joshua W. SMITH
D. Elizabeth SMITH
E.  A.E. “Ammi Everett” SMITH (Buried Arlington, have image of tombstone)

V. Penny SMITH married Richard SMITH. Children (Unknown)?

VI.  Irene (Arena) SMITH married Benjamin PROVOST and they had a son
A.  Frank Steven PROVOST  married Mariam Hatsell SMITH and their children were:
1. Edward Clessie PROVOST
2. George PROVOST
3. Ruby Edwin PROVOST
4. Roland Hiram PROVOST
5. Ivy Jane PROVOST
6. Della Rebecca PROVOST
7. Roy Franklin PROVOST
8. Fred Warren PROVOST
9. Daniel Webster PROVOST
10. Calvin Gordon PROVOST
11. Jersey PROVOST married Claud REECE
a. Leola REECE
b. Benny REECE

VII. William R. SMITH married Nancy Ellender PROVOST, and their children:
A. John W. SMITH married Alice KELLUM
1. Clarence A. SMITH
2. Lena Bell SMITH
3. Harold SMITH
B. Mary Eliza SMITH
C. Della Ann SMITH
1. Nobe Kellum SMITH born 26 April 1903, died 26 May 1979 married on 20 Nov. 1926 Lessie WINBERRY born 26 February 1904, died 18 August 1980
a. Lucy Mae SMITH born 14 March 1928 married Robert Slate CULLER
1.     William Stephen CULLER
2.    Robert Duane CULLER
3.     Raymond CULLER
4.    William CULLER
b. Nobe Kellum SMITH, Jr. born 8 November 1930 married Frances MORGAN
1. Lee Cole SMITH born 15 July 1956
c. Edward Lee SMITH born 29 March 1935 married Marjorie POWELL
1. Edward Donald SMITH born 15 October 1958
2. Sandra Sue SMITH born 24 August 1960
3. Joseph Dwyane SMITH born 8 August 1962
d. Carlton Elmo SMITH never married

D. Daniel Augustus SMITH born 21 April 1928 married Wardie SMITH
1. Percy SMITH
E.  Josephine SMITH married William Claude REECE
1. William Claude REECE, Jr. died at birth
2. William C. REECE, Jr. born 23 July 1919 married Hazel RHODES
F. Katie F. SMITH married (J. Agustus) Gus CONWAY born 17 July 1885, died 13 June 1935.
G. Emma C. SMITH
I. Clyde W. SMITH
1. John W. SMITH born 1883, died 25 July 1967 married Alice KELLUM on 12 June 190 Alice KELLUM
a. Clarence A. SMITH died 30 September 1976
b. Lena Bell SMITh born 11 March 1908, died 15 or 16 March 1925
c. Harold SMITH died 23 March 1929
2. Mary Eliza SMITH married Benjamin SMITH on 24 October 1900
3. Della Ann SMITH married Asa Right SMITH on 30 March 1902

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Author:North Carolina Union Volunteers

They have been forgotten, those white Southerners who fought on the Union side. They are the unknown soldiers of the Civil War. In the vast and growing literature of that conflict they remain practically unmentioned. There are historic reasons why this has been so, but it has not been because the men are historically unimportant or undeserving of remembrance. Not at all. They made a difference in the outcome of the war: without them, it would not have ended when and as it did. - Lincoln’s Loyalists

In the hour of their country’s peril, they were loyal and true.

Despite the assertions of southern governors that Lincoln would get no troops from the South to preserve the Union, every Confederate state except South Carolina provided at least a battalion of white troops for the Union Army.

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  1. August 29, 2011 at 1:19 am #

    An exceptional post! Your photos are outstanding, and the grave markers tell a wonderful story all their own! Inspirational!

  2. lcs
    November 16, 2011 at 11:18 pm #

    Your entry:

    b. Nobe Kellum SMITH, Jr. born 8 November 1930 married Frances Lee COLE born 15 July 1956

    should read:

    b. Nobe SMITH, Jr. born 8 November 1930 married Frances MORGAN
    1. Lee Cole SMITH born 14 July 1956

    Thanks, Cole Smith

    • Richard
      November 16, 2011 at 11:39 pm #

      Thanks for the correction.

    • Teresa Ortega
      January 1, 2012 at 6:36 pm #

      Thanks Cole – Will definately have to look into my records!

  3. Krystat Brown
    February 5, 2012 at 11:02 pm #

    this is my family… My great aunt ruby and Ivy🙂 My mother was Maryand Hatsell Provost.. She married my father Douglas Brown… My brother is Franklin Brown, and I am Krystal Brown. We are from Swansboro NC. Please some one contact me, I dont know much about my family, the state took us away when my mother passed… if any on can help me my email is Thank you.

    • Teresa Ortega
      February 6, 2012 at 1:05 am #

      Hello Cousin!

      I just sent you an e-mail. Looking forward to meeting and sharing information with you.

  4. Krystat Brown
    February 5, 2012 at 11:04 pm #

    Oh and my mother Maryland is buried in the Kellum cemetery on hwy 24.

  5. Krystat Brown
    February 5, 2012 at 11:06 pm #

    VI. Irene (Arena) SMITH married Benjamin PROVOST and they had a son
    A. Frank Steven PROVOST married Mariam Hatsell SMITH and their children were:
    1. Edward Clessie PROVOST
    2. George PROVOST
    3. Ruby Edwin PROVOST
    4. Roland Hiram PROVOST
    5. Ivy Jane PROVOST
    6. Della Rebecca PROVOST
    7. Roy Franklin PROVOST
    8. Fred Warren PROVOST
    9. Daniel Webster PROVOST
    10. Calvin Gordon PROVOST
    11. Jersey PROVOST married Claud REECE
    a. Leola REECE
    b. Benny REECE

    this is the section im taking about… Im so excited I dont know what to do…

  6. Judy Garner
    May 28, 2013 at 4:26 pm #

    Mary Eliza Smith that m:24Oct1900,Benjamin Smith, died of typhoid beforeJul1904,when Ben,M2:Alice J. Meadows.. do you know if they had any children? Benjamin,b:16Nov1875,d:3Jun1943. He was son of Zaddock & Caroline McCabe Smith.
    Are these two Smith families related? Zaddock was s/o John Smith & Mary Barnes Smith.

    • February 7, 2014 at 1:42 pm #

      Thanks so very much for the additional info!


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