“Little Souled Mercenaries”? The Buffaloes of Eastern North Carolina during the Civil War

“Little Souled Mercenaries”?  The Buffaloes of Eastern North Carolina during the Civil War
Judkin Jay Browning
North Carolina Historical Review July 2000

Copyright by the North Carolina Office of Archives and History and reproduced by permission 9/3/10

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Author:North Carolina Union Volunteers

They have been forgotten, those white Southerners who fought on the Union side. They are the unknown soldiers of the Civil War. In the vast and growing literature of that conflict they remain practically unmentioned. There are historic reasons why this has been so, but it has not been because the men are historically unimportant or undeserving of remembrance. Not at all. They made a difference in the outcome of the war: without them, it would not have ended when and as it did. - Lincoln’s Loyalists

Southern Unionists

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