Mary and James Riggs

The family of James Bryant Riggs

James Bryant Riggs was born Dec. 29, 1839 in Swansboro, NC.  He was the son of Noah F. Riggs and Ruthy Meadows. 1850 Census, White Oak, Onslow County, North Carolina In ...

Phillips Brothers

The family of Edward Nash Phillips

Edward H. (Nash) Phillips was born May 15, 1834 , he was the son of Allen Phillips and Susan Winberry of Onslow County. 1850 Census, Swansboro, North Carolina 1860 Census, Swansboro ...

William G Smith

The family of William Gaston Smith

Photos courtesy of Cole Smith. William Gaston Smith was born May 10, 1835, he was the son of Asa Smith and Mariam Hatsell of Onslow County. 1850 Census, Swansboro, North ...


A photograph of Capt. David Fry, left, and Sgt. John McCoy are on display in the Voices of the Land exhibit at the East Tennessee History Center. Fry organized the 1861 raid to burn the Rebel-held Lick Creek bridge in Greene County.

Southern Unionists

“It was easy to be a Union man in Ohio or Pennsylvania, but ...

North Carolina Union Volunteers

History will do them justice, when it shall come to be fairly & fully ...

The Lyon Post of the Grand Army of the Republic

Charles A. Lyon Post #57 in New Bern, North Carolina This post ...

The McLane Post of the Grand Army of the Republic

McLane GAR Post #50 was formed in Perquimans County in 1893.  It was named for Capt. ...

In the hour of their country’s peril, they were loyal and true

Pottertown Bridge Burners, Unionists Pay the Ultimate Price Jacob Harmon Christopher Alexander ...

1st Alabama Cavalry at the Battle of Monroe’s Crossroads

CWSAC Battle Summaries Monroe’s Crossroads Other Names: Fayetteville Road, Blue’s Farm Location: Hoke ...

Refuse To Bow Down

The Hoggard brothers of Bertie County Thomas, Gerald W.  Divided Allegiances:  Bertie ...

Ole Pap fought with the Yankees

William David Thomas William David Thomas was born in Bertie County in ...

The Mother of All Southern Unionists Monuments

Knoxville National Cemetery The Knoxville National Cemetery, established in 1863, is located within ...

Remembering the Southern Men at Andersonville

Andersonville Prison 2nd North Carolina Union Volunteers Bowen, William E.-Captured at Plymouth, ...

Civil War Sword of Pvt. James Phelps

Photos and information courtesy of  Michael I. Phelps James Phelps
Carton Hobbs

Charleton Hobbs

National Cemetery, New Bern, NC The following passage is from Bertie in ...

They accused me of being a Buffalo

John H. Haddock Claim Number:  15076 Claim Date:  20-Dec-1875 Southern Claims Commission ...

Kinston Hangings

Murder of Union soldiers in North Carolina. Letter from the secretary of ...

Biography of Jesse James Summerlin

Biography of Jesse James Summerlin Researched and Written by Dick Hamly Permission ...

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NARA M401. Compiled military service records of volunteer Union soldiers belonging to units organized for service from the State of North Carolina.

William P. Moore

William P. Moore

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Joshua Bogue

Joshua Bogue

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King of the Blues

Riley B. King (September 16, 1925 – May 14, 2015) Rest in peace Mr. King, you were an inspiration to me. Guitar dual between Gary Moore and B.B. King  

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New Bern National Cemetery – North Carolina Section

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Frederick and Mary Ann Smith

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NARA T289. Pension applications for service in the US Army between 1861 and 1900.

Joseph Brothers

Joseph Brothers

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NARA T289. Pension applications for service in the US Army between 1861 and 1900.

Thomas Franklin Davenport

Thomas Franklin Davenport

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Southern Unionists have never been appreciated or recognized by the nation

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Murdoch Morrison Gun Factory

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Old Laurel Hill Church: “O when will this cruel war end”

On March 8, 1865, part of Union Gen. William T. Sherman’s army, having crossed into the state from South Carolina, camped near Old Laurel Hill Presbyterian Church. Here Sherman authorized a change in foraging policy as his troops entered North Carolina. His men, blaming South Carolina for starting the war, had looted ruthlessly as they […]

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